NAC Students visit Belfast for study weekend

The students from the National Association of Councillors in collaboration with Sunderland University made a study tour of Belfast on the weekend of 11th-13th March. There first call was to Belfast City Hall where they were greeted by Councillor Mervyn Jones and they were given a guided tour of Belfast City Hall where they were shown many items of interest. This included The Grand Staircase, the Rotunda, The Great Hall, the famous stained glass windows, The Belfast Coat of Arms and The Council Chamber. The Students were informed about the history of the Hall and viewed the documents on display.

The rest of the weekend was lead by Simon Henig from Sunderland University with studies comparing Local Government in Northern Ireland and England.

The General Secretary (Cllr Brian Nelson) said “The weekend gave students a good insight on how the differences in Local Government” works and congratulated the students on the work they had completed so far. Students will now concentrate on the tasks set over the weekend and will complete there studies in May.