NAC Supporting UNISEF

The National Association have a proud history of supporting charitable causes. This AGM The Association of Councillors held a charity collection in aid of UNISEF. A cheque for £500 will be sent to UNISEF to support its work around supporting Refugee children who have been displaced.

Thousands of children are fleeing conflict or disaster to seek safety in Europe. They’re in danger from disease, violence and exploitation and urgently need your help.

More than 220,000 people have arrived in Europe this year, seeking safety and a better future. Three quarters are from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. One in three is a child.

Children and families have been forced to flee conflict and unrest at home, making painful and difficult decisions to leave everything they know. A staggering 2,886 people are already recorded as dead or missing in trying to reach Europe this year; the majority drowning in the Mediterranean. The number keeps going up.

National Association of Councillors

The NAC is the only organisation whose agenda is to represent Councillors. It is the only all party voice for elected members which makes it unique in the political world.

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The Association exists to promote and enhance the role of councillors and to help elected members to be as effective as possible in carrying out their responsibilities. To be an effective organisation the Association needs the support of all councillors.
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