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Ward surgeries and resident engagement

Clearly, the Government’s advice makes it impossible for councillors’ normal surgeries to continue in their current format. As noted, all councillors should follow the guidance in place at any given time. Councillors should consult with their authorities to consider the scope for running virtual surgeries and use

Community Leadership

It is vital that councillors demonstrate community leadership by taking a responsible approach to the information they share and the messages they give, and by following the guidance they receive from their council. Any information provided should be based on confirmed messages from the council, local DPH

Using Social Media

The advent of social media has increased opportunities for rapid and effective communication with local residents and will be vital in a period where local residents (including councillors) are encouraged to limit unnecessary physical contact with other people. However, social media can create challenges for councils and

University Course

Councillors from principal authorities are invited to take part in the accredited university course for the academic year 2019 / 2020. The course holds three study weekends giving students the opportunity to understand the structure of local government within the united kingdom. One of the weekends explores local government

NAC introduce new role of vice president

The new role of vice president of the National Association of Councillors welcomes long standing member Cllr Eric Firth from Kirklees Council. Cllr Firth will support the new President Cllr Audrey Laing in her role. Cllr Marie Garrity Chair of the NAC said, Cllr  Firth has been a long standing

NAC Elects new President

 New President elected The National Association of councillors AGM has appointed a new President to the Association. Cllr Audrey Laing who represents Peterlee on Durham County Council, was elected to the role at the AGM held on 24th November 2018. Cllr Laing replaces long standing member Cllr

Training for local councillors

The National Association of Councillors offer a range of training to local council members and individuals. This ranges from Equality and Diversity, New member training, planning, chairmanship, in addition to this we carry out bespoke training services designed to assist councillor in there roles. For more information

Feedback on Health Inequality across the UK

Delegates of the NAC conference discussed health issues and inequalities within there local councils. This provided delegates with the opportunity to compare how issues effect each area. The workshop also looked at solutions local councillors and councils take in tackling health issues across the UK.

NAC Supporting UNISEF

The National Association have a proud history of supporting charitable causes. This AGM The Association of Councillors held a charity collection in aid of UNISEF. A cheque for £500 will be sent to UNISEF to support its work around supporting Refugee children who have been displaced. Thousands