Using Social Media

The advent of social media has increased opportunities for rapid and effective communication with local residents and will be vital in a period where local residents (including councillors) are encouraged to limit unnecessary physical contact with other people. However, social media can create challenges for councils and councillors and lead to mixed messaging. Councillors should bear in mind general guidance on using social media, work with their communications teams and follow the guidance above to ensure that they are using social media appropriately. Where councillors are aware of misinformation being circulated on local social media groups, they can seek to counteract this by providing up-to-date, authoritative information, most likely from the Government website, having checked this with their council and local DPH. There is a risk that a prolonged emergency response will lead to heightened emotions and potentially unacceptable behaviour towards councillors, as the most accessible form of Government.

Cllr Marie Garrity Chair of the National Association of councillors addressed members of the NAC and took the opportunity to thank councillors for the dedication and hard work within there role as a councillor. she paid tribute to past members of the association who have provided a service to both local government and the national association of councillors for many years.

Cllr Garrity who serves as a councillor on Glasgow City Council also highlighted the challenges ahead within local government.

Members of the association met to look at how councils can play a part in regenerating Towns, City’s and villages. the conference attracted a highly respected speakers from across the private sector, local government and the third sector.